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Rag rugs, made either by hooking or progging (prodding) have been made since the 19th Century and now because they use recycled materials are very much in vogue today.

Traditionally rugs were made in by people who had limited resources and where nothing was wasted, for example in mining or narrow boating communities. Clothing once past its best for wearing would be incorporated in a rug. In a house, the rug would be used in the parlour first, then when it began to wear it would be moved to the kitchen and after more use it would be moved to the back door.

Once the rugs was well and truly worn, it would then be used in the garden either to stop weeds growing or it would be placed on the compost heap. The ultimate in recycling.

On narrow boats, the rugs would be used to provide some comfort in the back cabins of the boats and they were sometimes placed over the children when sleeping to keep them warm.

Sue Ratcliffe - Rag Rug Maker - Gloucestershire

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